Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Just a Note

(Image from icanhascheezburger, of course)

I've just got to tell you guys how overwhelmed I am with all the love and support that has come pouring through the comments threads both here and over at FDL. You guys are killing me, here. I'm melting in the chair. It's a tragedy! And to think for a brief moment I was thinking about bailing on blogging altogether. (A very, very brief moment.)

You guys are the best. Thanks for reminding me in a big way of the importance of my commitment to you.

My Inbox is blowing up right now with people offering web assistance and stuff, so I promise you guys won't have to punish your eyes trying to read this white type on black for very long. If it's too awful, I may do a quick template change in the next couple of days. Right now I'm still just trying to get things sorted out. If I take a couple of days to answer your email, please don't take it personally.

And thank you. I can't say that enough.